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2023 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Why paid family leave? Because it's good for families, businesses, and the economy" (Guest Op-Ed)

2023 Fast Company "What the Family and Medical Leave Act has Meant for U.S. Women"

2021 Minnesota Public Radio "How the Richest Americans Avoid Paying Taxes" Listen to Podcast 

2020 Chicago Booth Review "Paid family leave may actually widen the gender pay gap"

2019 New York Times A Surprising Finding on Paid Leave: "This Is Not the Way We Teach This"

2019 Forbes Closing the Gender Wage Gap May Depend On New Fathers Taking Paid Leave.

2019 Market Watch California’s paid leave law has cost new mothers an average of $24,000 over a decade — what’s driving the lost earnings?

2019 Washington Post Do paid family leave policies help fix the gender pay gap? This study found the opposite.

2019 Fox Business Women who took paid family leave in California earned less in the long run, study finds.

2018 CATO Institute Empirical Evidence for Stock-Market Short-Termism?

2018 Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog Do Public and Private Firms Invest Differently?

2018 Barron’s The “Short-Termism” Critique of Public Firms is Nonsense.

2018 Financial Times Listed Companies are Less Short-Termist than Previously Thought.

2018 Financial Times “Short-Termism” isn’t a thing, say Fed Economists.

2017 Vox Corporate tax reform, explained with a cartoon about sandwiches.